Getting real on tree hugging... / by John Hannent

Did you know that Sky will be removing single use plastics from its operations, products and supply chain by 2020? Strewth. So all of the umpteen of companies that supply Sky will have to prove that they have eliminated single use plastics from their entire operation.

But why is Sky doing it? Is it because it’s suddenly developed a keen fascination in the Lesser Saddled Reef Sea Horse? Does it want to deliver all electric goods in roughly hewn cartons formed from Rupert Murdoch’s shit (he is, apparently, responsible for tons)? Has the massive media operation got a conscience? Has it hell; it’s to steal the march on legislation, to steal the march and the pressure on competitors and marketing. It is for business advantage, nothing else.

So who’s going to take the lead in angling? Will one manufacturer take the leap for the same reasons as Sky? I don’t think it will happen in any industry (OK, maybe loon pant packaging) until the pressure of legislation starts to squeeze. Loads have copied Korda’s packaging (you know who you are!), so is the carp trade leaving it down to them for green packaging… Sorry, black and green?

Or will Angling Direct deem its wall and warehouse space ‘single use plastic free’? Will it hell. But again, why is Sky doing it?

What’s the alternative?

We’re currently researching biodegradable alternatives that can fulfil the same role as our much-loved hook wallets and clam packs. Substrates made with Keratin from chicken feathers or the HNV specialists’ own cassien derived materials are among the most cost effective. Yup, they all cost more though! But, higher demand will see prices drop.

You see it’s the display of product versus the obvious security problems that’s the problem. While there are solutions to be had from cardboard engineering, solutions to keep your product dry for instance and to display effectively are all too hard to come by, but ARE available.


Anglers Against Single-Use Plastic In The Tackle Trade (that upped my word count!), Chris Turnbull’s Facebook-based movement, has swiftly garnered 4000+ followers and given focus to the pressure, but not the solutions, as yet. It’s also gained a rather militant looking logo.
That will surely work against the project when the body wants to speak to the powers that be? Will the Environment Minister want to speak to someone whose email signature looks like it may have Semtex underneath it? A small point,
but a common problem.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that anglers are showing a conscience and there’s nobody more eloquent than
Chris to front something of this nature. But if we don’t offer an involved response (JOIN NOW!), it will become islanded as another fragment of angling, shattered by social media. So the imagination of the consumer needs to be captured quickly.
At the very least, it can become a barometer to the pressure on SUPs,
and people will react to it.

While I’m at it...

I catch so few fish that my line could probably be deemed as ‘single use’. So what about the ANLRS (catchy) ‘Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme’?

Did you know that nylon monofilament fishing line can take upwards of 600 years to biodegrade completely? In other words, every piece of mono that has ever been dropped in the water is most likely still floating around in the environment, and will be for another 500 plus years. Whoa.

And what about fluorocarbon? Try 4,000 years to bio-bloody-degrade! It’s true. Only yesterday I found myself untangling my rig from an Egyptian Pharaoh’s crack-off (pre-hair)… Fluoro lasts that long.

Plus the obvious dangers to wildlife, especially them ‘thieves in white suits’.

If ANLRS can create ‘habit’ around returning your used line there’s a glimmer of hope. And it’s in the interests of every shop to get involved (and local social will help massively). And with Line Recycling Envelope available to all, it could, indeed, become habit. But, sadly, following a flurry of social activity the emphasis has been thrown to the tackle shops and the soon to be released returnable envelopes and I fear it may get lost frankly. 

And have you seen the amount of wrap that they deliver the ANLRS bins in? Is it single use? My fingers are crossed.


  • Will there be an accreditation for eliminating or limiting Single-Use Plastic from your operations?

  • Will a major retailer offer advantages to companies leading the fight against Single-Use Plastic?

  • Will the angling public ever give a toss?

  • Will you?

Jesus continued to advocate the use of fluorocarbon mainline... “Take it from me, it’s the difference between 2 fish and thousands fellas, but don’t leave any of it around, I can’t afford for the secret to ever get out”

Jesus continued to advocate the use of fluorocarbon mainline... “Take it from me, it’s the difference between 2 fish and thousands fellas, but don’t leave any of it around, I can’t afford for the secret to ever get out”