Cygnet Swan Neck Buzzer Bars / by John Hannent

We’re anglers, and every now and again we see a product or an opportunity. What if our good friends at Cygnet (we devised their branding, packaging and ads etc) built a product which had previously been the domain of the ultra-cult, ultra-expensive stainless guys, the Swan Neck Buzzer Bar. The statement would be immense, the timing great and Cygnet didn’t have an extendable in their range; so we visualised the idea and presented it to them.

Sales suggest it was well worth doing, and beautiful pieces of tackle like this, looking ‘right’, position the company perfectly in the eyes of the consumer.

At Aitch2 we're undertaking more and more product design and visualisation, from bite alarms to rod designs. If you’ve got an idea you need to get off the ground, why not give us a shout?